The Complete TV Home Shopping System


  • Give your customers the time to shop with a fast and easy to use website.
  • With full integration to the ITVSS Reference system, your customers will always have the most up-to-date product information.
  • Keep your customers informed with a 24-hour TV Guide, totally integrated to the ITVSS Programming system!

Product PageProduct Page information is totally
built from the Reference system data
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TV GuideA fully integrated TV Guide
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Navigation MenusNavigation Menus & their Hierarchies
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  • ITVSS gives your team control of the web content, eliminating the need for lots of expensive web developers!
  • Manage:
    • Homepage Content
    • Department Pages
    • Navigation Menus & their Hierarchy, and
    • Products attached to each Menu with the simple click of the mouse!

Department MaintenanceMaintain your Department Page
with the simple click of the mouse!
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Homepage MaintenanceMaintain your Homepage content
with the simple click of the mouse!
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